(Episode 11): The Move Project

July 09, 2021 Lisa Season 1 Episode 11
(Episode 11): The Move Project
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This episode of The Ski With Wade Podcast is all about optimizing fitness, which for our guest William Branham means holistically understanding the body and aligning movements to eliminate asymmetries. Co-owner of The Move Project, the gold standard for gyms in Dallas and beyond, William tells us how to tailor exercise – and things like diet and hydration – for best results. Whether you’re a pro athlete or midlife guy trying to stay in shape, tune in for expert tips and cutting-edge trends in personal training. 



-      The philosophy behind The Move Project’s unique approach to fitness.

-       About how William got started and revolutionized his approach to PT.

-      What’s up with the core? Everybody is training it, but everybody has a different conceptualization.

-      Golf players have provided textbook opportunities for William to apply his methods.

-      Starting as kids, we all need to get educated about body mechanics if we want to avoid injuries over our lifetimes.

-      Whether to focus on building muscle mass depends on the sport.

-      Tips on how to get lean. Diet is key. So is hydration.

-      Who’s in control of the music? It’s always a controversy



“You know your body’s doing good when you need to upgrade your clothing in the right ways, ‘cause you feel it in your thighs and back and chest muscles versus belly!”


“Once you address the muscular system, the efficiencies and range that are related to weaknesses, it opens up a whole realm (of healing).” 


“We’re looking to see how you move at each segment and then treat through those movements in order to clear up any asymmetries.” 


“It doesn’t matter if you’re playing pro sports or you’re the CEO of a corporation, having symmetry from each joint is a huge deal.” 


“It’s all about having that muscular strength and as much symmetry from one side to the other as possible.” 


 “It’s about training smart, not just heavy.” 


“For the long term, you have to work out smart.” 



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