(Episode 12): Swerve Watersports and UM Waterski Team

September 01, 2021 Lisa Season 1 Episode 12
(Episode 12): Swerve Watersports and UM Waterski Team
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The Ski with Wade Podcast – Episode 12

A Chat with Mike Bullock and his Team at Swerve Watersports




This episode of Ski with Wade introduces Mike Bullock, owner of Swerve Watersports in Hillsboro, Tennessee, and his team of young go-getters. The podcast features a background about Swerve, its location, and what it has to offer. Wade also interviews the young collegiate skiers who staff waterski lessons, tournaments, board sports, and the pro shop on Lake Grace. 




My recent Ski with Wade podcast took me out to a prime spot: Swerve Water Sports on Lake Grace. Halfway between Chattanooga and Nashville, this is the perfect spot not only because there’s so much to do within a close drive but also because Swerve’s lake is custom-built and fantastic by design!


Surrounded on one side by woods, grass trails, and marsh and the other by nice lake houses, Swerve is an idyllic site. The lake was designed specifically for three-event water skiing with a shallow depth, slopes to eliminate rollers, and is the perfect shape. You’ll also find restaurants and big-name stores less than five minutes away. It’s a relaxed and friendly environment with great skiers coaching fans of all ages.


First up I talk with Leland Rouse and his girlfriend Allie Steele, both University of Cincinnati graduates. Allie studied political science and plans to attend law school next year while Lee explains his health sciences degree, which he’s going to use in the world of sports rehabilitation. They’ve been key in integrating a whole crew of University of Michigan water skiers at Swerve, which we meet next.


The first guy up is someone I’ve known since, well, before he was born. Isaac Moothart is a rising senior at the University of Michigan who is studying computer science. His parents are old friends, so he’s been skiing with me since he was a kid on vacation with his folks in Florida. Isaac is looking to impact people’s lives in a positive way by engineering breakthrough technologies that will make life easier and smarter.


Isaac introduced me to his friend and co-coach, Amelia Hall, also a senior at Michigan. She’s planning a career in medicine, so is currently on a pre-med track with a Biology and International Studies major. Originally from just north of Traverse City, she plans to help people nationally and in

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